Marti Brasovan
Marti Brasovan | Hand Analyst
Marti Brasovan | Hand Analyst
Marti Brasovan

Your Journey Begins with Your First Reading

Marti Brasovan
Transform Your Life
Benefits of Hand Analysis
Benefits of your reading:
Gain permission to be who I am
Be kinder to myself
Boost my self confidence
Discover my creativity
Gain compassion for others
Discover gifts I have to help others
Recognize and trust my inner guidance system
See what’s ahead in my life journey
Save years in therapy!
Marti Brasovan
Do you feel something is missing in your life? Are you searching for more meaning? Are you interested in personal growth?

A hand analysis reading is a shortcut to leading the life you want. For many clients, it actually saved them years of therapy and tons of chocolate. But by no means is it a quick fix. By that I mean, there is so much information in your hands that you are going to want to delve deeper — and there’s plenty of opportunity to do so beyond your first reading.

In your initial session, I focus on your fingertips to decode your Life School, your Life Purpose, and your Life Lessons. I’m NOT going to read your future. And remember, no matter what comes out in your reading, there is NO right or wrong. I will reveal what your soul came here to do and learn. Then you will be ready to get to know yourself on a deeper and more profound level. You will no longer have to be afraid of knowing and accepting why you are the way you are.

Marti Brasovan

Exploring your Life School, Life Purpose, and Life Lesson

Based on the patterns in your fingerprints – and your fingerprint patterns never change – I identify your Life School, Life Purpose, and Life Lesson. Your complete reading will be recorded on an mp3 audio file which will be emailed to you.

So let’s get started. Click below to learn about your…

Marti Brasovan

After Your Purchase…
Hand-printing kit and instructions are sent to you via US Mail
Print your hands and return the sheets to Marti in the self-addressed envelope
Expect a call from Marti to reserve a 1-hour reading session
All in-person [Miami clients] or telephone-readings are recorded
Receive an mp3 audio file of your reading via e-mail for future reference

Marti Brasovan

How to Print Your Hands…
Marti Brasovan: Hand-Printing Instructions – Video

Click above for video instructions about the hand-printing process

Marti Brasovan: Hand-Printing Instructions – Printed

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printed instructions

Marti Brasovan
Marti Brasovan